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Explore Texas Through the World's Largest
Museum Without Walls!

Starting in 2007, the San Jacinto Texas Historic District's sixteen communities located in Harris County, Texas began implementing a unique master plan called Project Stars. The plan provides permanent displays of colorful historic "Texas size" epic art along major corridors leading to the famous San Jacinto battleground site where in 1836, settlers won a battle that created a nation, and established the Republic of Texas.

Now, over 170 years later, the area has transformed itself into the energy capital of the world and boasts one of the largest ports in the world. We have chosen to unite the past and present in a way that is as grand and epic as the great State of Texas. As you travel through the San Jacinto Texas Historic District, you can now drive alongside giant oil storage tanks adorned with epic art depicting the emotions and trials of the Texas Army's final approach to the battle that would determine their fate.

Called the ‘Museum Without Walls’ you now can see four enormous pieces on display. The first piece called "Destiny" was unveiled April 16, 2007 and was sponsored by Lyondell-Bassell. This 40 foot by 70 foot size art piece is located on Highway 225 as you enter the Historic District from the west. The second piece, “Discovery” is sponsored by Vopak and can be seen just before entering the San Jacinto Battleground Park on Independence Parkway. The third and fourth pieces, sponsored by Shell and dedicated in January of 2009, are a matching pair of murals that tell the story of the struggle to transport the twin sister cannons to the battle. Truly magnificent in size, the “Two Storms Passing” murals both measure 40 feet tall by 140 feet wide and can be seen from over a mile away in three different directions.

"A little more than a year ago I did not envision that two of our crude oil storage tanks would today be canvasses for Texas history artwork. Project Stars truly is a museum without walls. Shell is proud to be part of such an ambitious and compelling project that visually tells the story of our state's independence." - Aamir Farid, Shell Deer Park general manager.

This project will transform our region into one of the world’s most truly unique places. An area that marks its rich historical past while embracing the present and future. It is our goal to celebrate our heritage in a way that brings pride and beauty to the area we live and work.